Ethos & Sustainability


Sustainability is a complex, intricate issue, and understanding it requires serious research and energy - plus even more so to put it all into practice. For some of us, sustainability has to do with a brand’s environmental impact, while others focus on social justice or the support of economies. 

For Wilde, sustainability is an overarching term that encompasses all of the above. We make a great effort and impact wherever possible in our business but we still have a long way to go. This is where we’re up to on our journey so far...

Many businesses large and small are making claims that they are 'sustainable' but have hardly any back up to prove this or are only doing so in parts of their business. 

We are genuinely trying our best in EVERY aspect of our business to support our claims. We think it is important to be honest and transparent about this. We have ensured we have our own evidence and documentation. Part of this is being featured on fair&good- an Ethical brand directory featuring more than fifty New Zealand brands. 

We encourage you to do your research and not believe everything you see or read is 100% accurate. 

⁠We are by no means claiming to be fully sustainable in business and as individuals. We are trying to be conscious and help make a positive contribution to our planet where we can for our future generations.

Every little bit helps.