Our story

~ A touch of wilde spirit ~

Wilde the Label is a lifestyle brand that consciously-creates timeless pieces for you and your home to love for years to come.

Wilde combines the ethos of community, sustainability, artisan craftsmanship and an untamed elegance that entwines with nature. Our inspiration is bathed in a sense of warmth and natural alchemy.

We care for the environment. That’s why when you choose a Wilde piece, you can feel confident that it has been produced in an ethical, natural and sustainable way.

Our fascination with fabrics – how they’re made, where they come from and high quality – has been central in choosing where to produce the Wilde pieces. Ethical and sustainable practices are at the core of who we are so we chose to partner with a small, artisan businesses who have the same ethics and values as Wilde’s. Our makers employ master printers, dyers, block carvers, dhobiwalas and designers, and give back to their village a substantial proportion of their proceeds – something that truly aligns with Wilde’s ethos.

Unfortunately the worldwide industry standard dyeing process involves a mass variety of nasty chemicals which are toxic and draining to the environment. These use more energy, more water and produce more waste. The entire process has direct and distressing impacts on aquatic life; soil damage, global warming and lets not forget how harmful this is to the workers.

Our natural dyeing process requires minimal amounts of water, no chemicals, salt or acids and our products are air dried and then pressed. Our mindful process means the dye vat can be recycled as many times as possible.

We make a great effort and impact wherever possible in our business such as eliminating plastics, using recycled card, minimal waste (we use our fabric scraps as ribbon for our packaging!) We are by no means claiming to be fully sustainable in business and as individuals. We are trying to be conscious and help make a positive contribution to our planet where we can.

By purchasing our products you are contributing to a more sustainable, more ethical and more environmentally friendly business practice.

We proudly support and partner with the following businesses that share the same ethos as us.